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Webmaster can help you secure digital rights, establish portal solutions, intranets, forums, shop, ticket system, guides etc in a very short time.


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Save cost with IT

Small and well spent investments in IT can have huge impact on how you do your business.




I could be your webmaster and provide you with top solutions and best advice, but before contacting me you should be willing to pay what is cost. I mean you can get simple solutions for little money, also the registering of domains and maintenance fee.

We can recommend opening an account with KamyWIT deal at a very reasonable price of 150 NOK for a website,

If you need help beyond this point you should hire me as your webmaster.


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Welcome to webmaster, I am ready to help. Have an existing web and want reinvent yourself or clean up the mess and make a difference for your customers? Contact webmaster.no   Want to go viral? Want to create a new product? Need developers?



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